What is the Upvc Window&Door?

What is the Upvc Window&Door?

1. Window & Door History
Wood material – Steel windows doors – Aluminum windows doors – Upvc windows doors - themobreak aluminum winodws doors.

What is the Upvc Window Door1

For many years the window &door products, were made from wood, the only practical material of the times.
Larger residential and many commercial windows were made from steel, but the disadvantage of this window framing was the lack of weather-stripping, thus the windows were drafty at best.
After World War II, the aluminum alloys developed for aircraft production were applied to window&door products.
Aluminum was extruded into various profiles, then processed into window frames and sashes, then glazed. The first aluminum windows were inexpensive, easy to install and quite durable, but they were not very energy efficient.
To manufacture aluminum windows a large factory area was required, an area filled with cutting saws, milling machines, corner corner crimping machine, punch presses, air compressors and air operated screw guns, glazing adhesive compounds and assorted other support machinery like roll-out tables, glazing lines and the like.
With the progress of the times,Improvements in unplasticized poly vinylchloride (uPVC) moved the window industry into modern times.
UPVC is extruded, much as is aluminum, but the extrusion operation doesn't require a huge, hot, energy-consuming extrusion press and ovens to heat the aluminum billet to 1,100 degrees F.
Instead, a liquid pvc is squeezed through a die into water where it is cooled and solidified into a window profile, all in an area a little larger than a garage.

Processing of uPVC profiles into window components doesn't require a lot of punch presses, milling machines and other paraphernalia.

It requires only a miter-saw, preferably a double head cutting machine, and a contact welding machine.
In all, a very energy efficient operation. Glazing is usually a "marine type," that is a flexible gasket is wrapped around the insulating glass unit edges, then the sash frame is assembled and screwed together around this unit, forming a highly effective, leak-proof sash that is then installed in the window frame.
Where the sash corners are welded, like the window frame, the glazing is "drop-in," using a gasket and snap-in glazing beads to hold the glass unit in the sash.

Because of the ease of manufacture the uPVC window manufacturing may be accomplished on a local level. Many window installers began to manufacture their own windows. The uPVC profiles, window hardware, glass and other components are supplied by the uPVC extruder, along with the window designs the fabricator is licensed to manufacture.

Much of the uPVC technology was initiated in Europe, with the UK and Germany leading the move towards Upvc windows. In the USA, uPVC extruders were set up and quickly moved to the forefront in the industry.

As well as the manufacturing advantages, Upvc windows offer design flexibility, beauty, durability, strength, weather resistance, wind resistance, termite-proof, corrosion and fire resistance. Also, they reduce sound transference and are recyclable and ecologically sound. They require little or no maintenance, other than cleaning and are as much as 30% more efficient that wood or aluminum.

2. Upvc Window Door Main Factors
Generally speaking, for making a window or door making, it has three main factors:

2.1 Machinery: for cutting, welding, drilling or milling upvc profile.
All the machinery needed attached as per the following, Fabricator need choose according to their plan (factory output, budge,factory size etc.)
Cutting machines (upvc&aluminium)
Welding machine (upvc)
Glazing bead cutting machine (upvc)
V notch machine (upvc)
Mullion cutting machine (upvc)
Mullion milling machine (upvc&aluminium)
Corner crimping machine (aluminum)
Water slot milling machine (upvc)
Copy router machine (upvc&aluminium)
Cleaning machine for corners (upvc)
Arch bending machine (upvc)

What is the Upvc Window Door2

2.2 Profile:window material,it is include frame (the part fixed on the wall), sash ( the part can open and close), and other glazing bead ( the part fixed the glass), mullion ( the part to support the window & door) etc. Fabricator will purchase the materials according to his requirements.

2.3 Hardware:the part to connect & lock frame and sash.
Fabricator needs choose hardware according to window door type and size.

3. Window & door type
3.1 Window type
casement window:
inward casement
outward casement
sliding window
top hang window
tilt&turn window

What is the Upvc Window Door3

3.2 Window type drawing 

What is the Upvc Window Door4


Inward casement 

Inward casement(double sash)

What is the Upvc Window Door5

Outward casement  

Top hang 


3.3 Door type

Casement door

Sliding door

Folding door

What is the Upvc Window Door6

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