Window Door Making Machines And Upvc Hardwares

Shandong Nisen Trade Co., Ltd is a trading company based on Jinan Huashinuo CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.  Jinan Huashinuo CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern private enterprise specializing in technology development, machinery manufacturing and product sales.We are a leading manufacturer of window&door machinery with 17 years experiences in China, and exported to more than 20 countries all over the world. 

Our main products including upvc hardwares, full set machines for aluminum &PVC window door making and insulating glass making, such as cutting machines, PVC welding machines, aluminum drilling and milling machines, etc. Our engineers have more than 15 years experience in machine production, which makes the machine precision and stability better. After the machine is produced, the product is professionally tested to ensure its performance. 


Upvc hardwares

Door Lock
Friction Hinge

Whole production line for upvc window door

1. Double / single head cutting machine                                       
2. Welding machine                     
3. V cutting machine/ end milling machine 
4. Glazing bead machine             
5. Lock hole machine                   
6. Water slot milling machine       
7. Corner cleaning machine 

Whole production line for aluminum window door

1. Double / single head cutting machine                                       
2. End milling machine                 
3. Copy routing machine              
4. Punching machine                   
5. Corner crimping machine

Insulating glass machine

Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line
Vertical Hollow Glass Cleaning Machine
Insulating Glass Automatic Sealing Robot
Horizontal Hollow Glass Cleaning and Dry Machine
Horizontal Hollow Glass Hot Press Machine
Butyl Coating Machinery
Automatic Aluminum Bar Bending Machine
Rubber Strip Assembly Table
Flip Glue Table
Edging Polishing Machine
Rotated Sealant-Spreading Table
Automatic Molecular Sieve Filing Machine
Silicone Extruder Machine
Automatic Glass Cutting Machine
Hot Melt Machine
Argon Gas Filler


If you are a window manufacturer looking for new machines to expand your business, if you are interested in upvc window production line as your new business, or you have any questions about window machines, the Huashinuo team is already here to support you!




Post time: Mar-03-2023