UPVC windows: All you need to know

R-C111 R-CWhat are UPVC windows?

UPVC window frames provide intense thermal and noise insulation. In such windows, a plastic powder called UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is used to make the frames for windows. The first step is to heat the UPVC to a certain temperature and then, mould it as per the required shape. After it has been injected into a mould, several cooling methods are applied to it. Then, the material is cut and prepared, along with other components to be assembled in the window. As UPVC does not have any chemicals or plasticizers, it is stronger than any other material available in the market. Apart from this, UPVC windows are highly durable and possess multipurpose functionalities.

Advantages of UPVC windows

Home insulation: UPVC windows have better insulation properties than any other material and hence, it helps to minimise energy costs associated with heating and cooling the interiors. The double-glass panes have a layer of air in between, which provides UPVC windows with its insulation benefit.

Easy to maintain: UPVC windows are durable and easy to maintain. These window frames are sustainable and have longer life, which also increases the overall value of your property. In fact, not just for residential use, UPVC windows are also being used at commercial sites due to its cost-efficiency.

Environment-friendly: UPVC windows are free of chemicals and hazardous substances. Moreover, these are eco-friendly substitutes for wooden window frames, which can be easily damaged in extreme weather conditions and are hard to maintain. UPVC windows have high-quality finish and are available in a variety of styles and designs, which makes them a more versatile option for window frames than any other material.

High quality: UPVC windows are of a better quality than regular windows, in terms of insulation, noise-cancellation, weather-resistant properties, etc. With minimum maintenance, UPVC windows retain their strength, colour and functionality for a long time.


Post time: Dec-20-2021