How To Develop Your UPVC Window & Door Business ?

UPVC Window & Door Business 

Project Report


1.What is the Upvc Window & Door?


Window & Door History



wood material — steel windows doors — aluminum windows doors –upvc windows doors — thermal break aluminum windows doors


Upvc Window Door System

Generally speaking, for a window or door making, it has three main parts:

  • Machinery: for cutting,welding ,drilling or milling upvc profile .
  • Profile: window material
  • Hardware: the part to connect&lock frame and sash


Upvc Window Door Profile

When window fabricator purchase profile, price is how much per kg
When they sell window or door, price will be how much per sq feet


Window Type

Casement window: inward casement / outward casement
Sliding window
Top hang window
Tilt&turn window


Window Type Drawing

Window Type Drawing


Door Type

Casement door
Sliding door
Folding door

door type


2.Cost Analysis


Which item required to spend for being upvc window fabricator?


Factory Site

Different budget, different options, we are going to talk standard level.Min size 3000 sq feet .
For example, AMD industry area in India, 8 rps per sq feet, so monthly 24k rups expense.


Three Phase Electricity Cost Monthly

Generally speaking, if 8 hours working time per day, we will spend five hours to produce window by machines, three hours balance will assemble the window. Like installing glass, gasket hardware and so on .
Then electricity will be 600/700 units for 5-6 pcs machines+5HP air compressor +2-3 fans in factory. So monthly 4200rps .
Remark: In India, one unit 7 rs for industrial electricity and 5 rs for residential electricity.


Staff Salaries

One manager + 3 or 4 staffs
Included 1 skilled staff which have 100% knowledge, 2 staffs which have 50%-60% knowledge, 1 staff is helper .
In india market, average salary for fully skilled staffs is 20K-25K, unfunished skilled staffs is 15K-17K, the helper is 8K-9K.


Consumable Materials

Profile, reinforcement, hardware, glass, silicone, gasket and so on.
If there are 8 lakhs left after bought machines.We recommend to arrange like that :
4 lakh profile, 1 lakh reinforcement, 1 lakh hardware, 50k glass, 50k gaskit &brush, balance for extra material like silicone, anchor fasteners, screws and so on.

Most in the Indian market, the payment terms of window manufacturers: 50% in advance, 30% before delivery, and 20% after installing the windows.
As a new manufacturer, first confirm the machine, even after purchasing the machine, there is no balance of the consumable materials. Don’t worry. Once you receive the order, you can start buying these materials.


Assets: Upvc Window Machines + Air Compressor





Post time: Jan-05-2022