The Operation Process Of Window And Door Making For PVC Profile

(1) Look for the bullet line
Measure the installation position of the uppermost window, find out the center line and hang the center line of the window opening of the following layers and play the line on the wall, measure the center line of the upper and lower window frames and mark.

(2) door and window frame installation and fixation
Insert the frame into the hole, according to the position and elevation required by the drawings, use wooden wedges and pads to temporarily fix the frame, align the middle line of the frame with the middle line of the hole, adjust the elevation, ensure the next line, left and right level. Focus on adjusting the level of the frame and the vertical and angular square of the frame. (it is recommended to use self-made wood square feet of about 1m, but its accuracy must be corrected every day), after all the requirements are met, fixed with expansion plugs. Note: the bottom frame should be fixed with iron pieces. Check the levelness of the bottom frame and the verticality of the vertical frame at any time and adjust them.

(3) caulking

The hole between the frame filling closed cell foam plastic steel, foam polystyrene and other elastic materials, layered filling, removing the wooden wedge after the hole should also be layered filling the same material.

(4)) plaster mouth

The outer sill is slightly lower than the inner sill when the inner and outer mouths are plastered. The outer plaster shall be separated from the frame and the plaster layer with 5mm thick sheet material. After the mortar is hardened, the plaster surface shall exceed the window frame. It is advisable that the thickness below affect the opening of doors and Windows, and the outer plaster shall not drown the outlet under the frame.
(5) Installation of door and window fans and hardware

Before installation, the fan must be checked whether it is deformed or warped, and after installation, it should be checked whether the push and pull is flexible and adjusted, and the hardware should be firm and easy to use.

(6) play sealant

After the construction of inner and outer wall coating or surface layer is completed, the connection between the edge of the inner and outer frame of doors and Windows and the hole and the gap between the frames and doors and Windows are sealed with caulking glue. Requirements continuous, uniform, appropriate thickness. Clean the edges and excess caulking paste with cloth or cotton thread in time.

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