How to arrange factory layout?

We are not only to sale the machines to customer, but also incluges in offering our clients with efficient & cost effective solutions, which help in the modern industrial requirements of our valuable clients.

1. Preparation
Once customer decided to invest in building a window & door factory , need select the suitable factory site .Here is list some item for customers' reference.

1.1 Entry Gate Size
The entry gate should be minimum 13 feet width and almost 13 feet height.

1.2 Factory Min Size
Minimum required area is 3000 square feet.

1.3 Electricity line& Air lines
One compressor is required as per machine selected full compressor piping throughout the factory to machine end parallel with electricity wiring.

1.4 MCB
Minimum 3 phase load for a setup is 12-15 kw. It will be decided by how many machine you are operating at same time.
Every machine point should be enhanced with a MCB switch with proper wiring.

1.5 Three phase power indicator
Arrange Indicator for 3 phase, sometime due to power failure, one phase is missing, if we operate machine at that time, motor will burn.So check the 3 phase indicator to make sure 3 phase is available.

2. Layout
Layout involves the allocation of space and the arrangement of equipments in such a manner that the overall operating costs are minimized.

2.1 Profile &reinforcement storage area
After entering from gate: STORAGE STAND AREA for profiles &reinforcement .
Size: 18 feet -22 feet length, 8 feet -12 feet height, width can be decided by yourself.

2.2 Glass storage area
Need to put soft carpet on the surface with touching glass.


2.3 Assemble table area
Need to put soft carpet on the surface on the table. (middle of factory)


2.4 Hardware storage area
If you have enough space, we had better arrange hardware storage as separate room due to small items hardware. Stand frame also required.
If you don't have separate room, then use closed box to keep small items properly.

2.5 Air compressor models
For choosing the air compressor
If you are going to buy one set machine, appro 5-6 units, then you can choose 5HP air compressor.

air compressor

2.6 Machines arrangement 

How to arrange factory layout

Post time: Jun-03-2021